How do I change my subscription?

You will only be able to managing the subscription for your team if your user role is an Admin, review our What do the different roles mean? guide for more information on the different roles.

If you have the correct permissions, Click the "Team" link in the top menu. This takes you to the "Team Management" section.

A left menu should now have appeared, click the "Billing Details" link.

The plan you are currently on will be listed at the top of the page.

Below the "Update Payment Method" box are the plan options. Currently we have the Hobby plan which is free and the Business plan which is $24.95 Per Month.

Upgrading your subscription

If you wish to upgrade, first make sure you have enter your preferred payment method in the "Update Payment Method" box at the top of the page. This will be stored securely by Stripe, one of the worlds leading payment providers.

Once your payment method has been saved, simply click the "Upgrade" button within the Business plan, and click "Ok" to confirm the upgrade.

You will be charged immediately for the first month and then monthly thereafter.

Downgrading your subscription

We're sorry that you wish to downgrade and cancel your subscription.

Simply click the "Downgrade" or "Cancel Subscription" buttons and click "Ok" to confirm. As this simply reverts you back to the free plan, you may be asked to remove any combination of Servers, Server Accounts, Users or Deploy keys in order to fit within the limits of the free plan.

You may still be billed one last time for usage between your last bill date and the date you cancel your subscription.

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